Elitis – Memphis

In these graphic and textured designs are woven all the colours of the Memphis movement.
They have the freedom to bring together different geometric shapes, forms and effects. The freedom to intersect lines in any direction, to add texture to the fabric, to add subtle references to the great Italian non-conformists, to play with colour. The freedom to create symmetry in asymmetry. And the opposite.

Elitis – Craft Chic

Taking a foray into the classic imagery of Italian palazzos to bring it up to date, twist it, revisit it.
Through its craft chic nuances, this collection gives life to the spirit of the frescoes found in bygone palazzos, the patina of ancient wall decorations, a glint of aged gold, a wash of paint and the marks of the brush … The pictorial inheritance of a fascinating era that weaves elegance with style.

De le Cuona – Golden Age

Golden Age brings to life the avant-garde glamour and decadence of the Roaring Twenties. People lived luxurious lifestyles with liberated minds. This was an era of optimism and growth; one of glamour and exploration. Golden Age is a reflection of this, celebrating the importance of escapism and opulence. The palette is luxurious and complements the existing de Le Cuona range perfectly.

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